An Films spent 5 weeks in Northern China on research & development for the script, as well as shooting a trailer, for its proposed feature-film, Chinaland. Directed by Brock Labrenz, the trailer features performances from Natalie Thomas and Sang Jijia; original music by Brian McKenna of Btoven Music; sound design & mix by Ryan Billia with additional music by Brad Stratton of BANG; and title design by Mark Weber.

The ensuing script follows Victoria, a New York businesswoman, attempting to escape her own identity as she puts her life in the hands of an illicit Chinese luxury fantasy service. But when the service’s CEO, Jun, substitutes himself into her fantasy in lieu of the pre-selected male lover, a steamy love affair ensues. Reality and fantasy collide, and the luxurious resort has to be shut down. Abandoned and betrayed, she tracks down Jun at the company’s headquarters in Beijing. Victoria must contend with whether she’s seeking revenge, or just holding onto a lost fantasy.

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