1901 (TRAILER) from an films llc on Vimeo.

1901 premiered on October 20th at the Lucerne International Film Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland. For more information visit the festival’s website.

Film Description:

Brock Labrenz directs 1901, the story of one woman’s (Charlotte) life-defining struggle to confront her desire for another woman (Renee). Labrenz’s lyrical approach to story-telling makes palpable the connection and budding sensuality between our two main characters.  Charlotte is torn between passion and propriety, but as she wanders through the woods, the enveloping sights and sounds of nature slowly etch away her fears, and with each step, bring her closer to her true self.  The transparent high-definition footage and hand-held camera work interweave themes of modern impetuosity and classical elegance, revealing a timeless undercurrent of longing and fulfillment.  1901 guides us through the spiritual journey of one woman, bravely reassessing her identity, as she ascends into a new century.

Film Synopsis:

At the turn of the last century, Charlotte, a wife and mother, walks the grounds of an expansive country estate and happens upon the beautiful Renee.  Charlotte is terrified by her uncontrollable desire for the young woman and her attempts to escape lead her deep into the surrounding forest.  Lost, Charlotte is forced to confront her fears and must rely on Renee to help her find her way back. 1901 is the story of one woman’s courage to embrace her fantasies and follow love into an unknown future.

Producers: Natalie Thomas, Dorottya Mathe, Brock Labrenz

Director: Brock Labrenz

Executive Producer: Edward Leung

Associate Producer: Laine Rettmer

Director of Photography: Bliss Holloway

Cast: Natalie Thomas, Laine Rettmer, Jeremy Goren and Ethen Halper

Costume Designer: Elisa Santiago

Catering by: Heather and Brad Thomason

Original Music: Brad Stratton

Supervising Sound Editor: Ryan Billia

1901 is made possible by generous individual donations and Kickstarter.

View the entire short film here:


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